Teacher Testimonials 

To gage why teachers use Triad, we asked teachers who have used Triad to provide us with a testimonial. Harvey Elementary is the first Triad school in New Brunswick and its educators are paving the way for Triad to become more common in New Brunswick schools. Below are two teacher testimonials, describing why Triad has influenced and benefited their educational pedagogy. 

The Value of Enrichment in the Classroom

When children become aware of their strengths, weaknesses, passions, and learning styles through the Renzuelli Triad Enrichment Model, how can I not provide this experience in my classroom?  When children have been plagued with severe behavior problems during their schooling but the problem ceases during a year of the Triad Model, to return again the next year, how can I not utilize this model in my classroom?  When I get to know my students on a more personal level, the students are excited to attend school and develop a true passion for learning ... how can I not?

~ Willa Piercy

Grade 4 Teacher, Harvey Elementary

The Enrichment Triad model has changed the way that I teach. It is a well known fact that children cannot and do not fit into a “one size fits all” category. The Triad model differentiates instruction for ALL students.  Children discover what type of learner they are and are given the opportunity to embrace their individuality. They are able to discover hidden talents that they never knew existed, to explore their creativity, and to realize their potential.  Having done the triad model for several years now, I have seen firsthand how the quiet, disinterested child has become passionate and excited towards his learning. He is engaged in the classroom and wants to come to school. 

Since implementing the Triad model in my classroom, I feel that I have gotten to know my students better. I now feel that I know how my students learn best and how I can better help them to get over any obstacles.

The Enrichment Triad model has helped me teach children to love learning.

~ Lisa Clark

Grade 4 FI Teacher, Harvey Elementary