Student Feedback

Students were asked to describe something in the classroom they are proud of. Below are some Triad student responses:

“My shield because I get to express my artistic side.”           

“I am very proud of my product because it took a lot of time and effort and it looks great.”

 “I am proud of my shield. I surprised myself.”

Below are some comments that students provided when asked what motivates them in school: 

“I wanted to make my parents happy and I was excited to see how my product would look when I was done it.”

 “My product motivated me.”

 “Triad because it is a very neat way to learn.”

The students also included comments stating how they feel about Triad in general. Many of the students had very insightful words and below are some of the quotes from students with their thoughts on Triad:

“I feel that Triad has made me find what I like and my strengths and weaknesses. Triad is a very good program you should try and that is what Triad is all about – trying new things.”
“I never want to be in a class without Triad. I love it a lot.”
“I feel great because I get to express my creativity.”
“I love Triad. I would be bored without Triad.”
“I thought it was a great opportunity and I hope every school gets to do it.”
“I love Triad. It makes me feel happy to be at school.”
“I love the Triad program because I get to experience new things.”
“It’s my favourite way to learn.”
“Because I get to do what I like.”